Synthetic Urine Review – Debunking The Myths

Many people ask the questions whether fake urine works in urine drug tests. The fact that testing labs are always evolving and sharpening their skills on detecting fake pee means that it works.

Many people use it to pass their urine drug tests, but nowadays labs also test for the authenticity of urine through the process called adulteration check. This check is done to determine whether the test specimen is genuine, or fake or if it has been tampered with. This has made the whole process of substituting fake urine for your own harder to get away with than it was.

When can you use fake pee?

lkflkff985Because nothing is 100% foolproof, using fake urine to pass a urine test is very common. There are mixed reactions from users some with positive and others with negative outcomes.

As mentioned earlier, using fake pee to substitute with your own is a viable option for some urine tests. The probability that your fake pee will work can be based on the facts below.

  1. Use of reliable brand of synthetic urine

There are many rip-off fake pee products out there all claiming to work wonders. However, the truth is they either never worked before or worked once. Drug testing companies have become better at detecting fake urine, so poor quality brands are highly going to fail you. I would recommend Quick Fix 6.1, Sub-Solution. Another product that used to work but nowadays fails in the adulteration process is the Magnum synthetic urine. If you want to read more about it go to the website.

  1. Supervised or non-supervised test

If your pee test is supervised, then the probabilities are you may not be able to smuggle in your fake urine. If the test is unsupervised then, you can rely on fake urine to beat the drug tests.

  1. Can you pass a UA test without it?

rthuytyrhtgeLet us say you smoked pot on the day of your urine test. Then body detoxification or any attempt to mask the drug cannot work, but if you use a good brand of fake pee like Quick Fix 6.1 synthetic urine to test negative is a good idea.

In summary, if the facts as mentioned above are fit for your urine test, then go ahead, it will be you perfect bet, and you’ll likely pass the